Inspiring Young Readers

posted on 17 Dec 2018

The Land Of Dreams by Kevin Cowdall















For every child that had a dream,

 for every wish that might have been.




In the land of dreams,

in the dark of night,

the candlelight flickers

and moths take flight.




The land of dreams

is a place far away,

where time stands still

and unicorns play.




The land of dreams

is in the mind of a child,

where eagles soar

and lions run wild.




In the land of dreams

trees in their winter shrouds

huddle together

beneath snow-laden clouds.




In the land of dreams,

amid glacial seas,

can the titan whale

rove with ease.




In the land of dreams

will dolphins stray

to mirrored waters

where mermaids play.




In the land of dreams

spiders’ webs form

amid pool-side reeds

where dragonflies swarm.




In the land of dreams

can the phoenix rise,

reborn from the flames

right before your eyes.




In the land of dreams

is an elfin glade,

where spells are cast

and enchantments made.




In the land of dreams

there are magic rings,

where fairies dance

while Titania sings.




In the land of dreams

a wizard sets his might

against dwarfish axe

with fire and star-light.




In the land of dreams

lives the sorcerer king,

with mystic staff

and elf-wrought ring.




In the land of dreams,

in goblin mines,

gleam crystal tears

from ancient times.




In the land of dreams,

through a black cat’s eye,

see a coven gather

‘neath a witching sky.




In the land of dreams,

carved in stones,

are arcane runes

inscribed by gnomes.




In the land of dreams

a dragon’s lair

lies amid rocks,

primeval and bare.




In the land of dreams

on a mist-mantled lake,

a death’s head craft

leaves a ghostly wake.




In the land of dreams

can lie a darker track,

where many set foot -

but come rushing back!




The land of dreams

At the break of day,

With the sun’s first glint,

Must fade away.




For the land of dreams

belongs to the night

and will return -

a child’s delight.


( A fully illustrated version of the poem with original drawings by Chris Riddell can be viewed by clicking on the first image and viewing in a slideshow format)



(Please note: the poem remains the copyright of Kevin Cowdall and should not be reproduced without his consent. The illustrations should not be reproduced elsewhere without the consent of both the poet, Kevin Cowdall and of The Letterpress Project)