Inspiring Young Readers

posted on 04 Sep 2017

What time do ELEPHANTS go to work? written and illustrated by Nicole White


This storybook book is dedicated to Liam, who at the age of three asked his mother, Nicole, “What time do elephants go to work?

The text and illustrations reveal the intricate, thoughtful and humorous way Nicole White has used her artistic talent stemming from that initial wonderful question.  The elephants are virtually touchable with their textured print skins, the tiger cubs cuddly with their soft fur, the monkeys, sleek and irresistible and so the rest of the characters emerge in the same distinctive vein.

A beautifully crafted book, from cover to cover. The feel and quality of the paper is to be cherished. It entices the reader into a creative yet authentic world of surprises; for example, fish going to school, rhinos having snacks, giraffes playing football and owls going to sleep. A gallery of attractions opens as the time ticks by from morning to night.

On each page the red bi-plane flies speedily across the page with a relevant question on a banner.  Bailey, Liam’s teddy, remains a stalwart keeper of the time, illuminated on his jumper, whilst a different clock also keeps check of the time.

Subtle clues into the use of print, texture, illustration, time and investigative work can emerge from this storybook. However, it stands alone as a wonderful collage and source of possibilities into how others might spend the day. A book to enjoy again and again. 


Wendy Fletcher

September 2017

( Photo courtesy of Daniel Giffney )